The journey of Mega International Foods’ Aust remarkable success starts from 2002 when the dream of two fast friends, visionary entrepreneurs and committed philanthropists, became reality.

Mega International Foods Aust started as exclusive distributor of few middle-eastern and South Asian companies products in Australia.

The Company over time expanded imports of food products from renowned companies across the globe, keeping customers’ demands and satisfaction the top priority and since 2011, we have emerged as a leading and reputable Food company in Australian Food Industry distributing exotic, traditional and superior quality food products.

The keen devotion on our part made the addition of a Confectionary & Sweets factory possible which has gained massive and rapid confidence of the consumers because of the high quality, freshness, and extraordinary sub continental taste.

Today, Mega International Foods Aust is a proud exclusive distributor of the leading foods brands in Australian Market, Few of our major distribution ship brands are Shezan, Hemani, Fruiti-o, Kolson, Shangrila, Nimco, Cold Alex, Khush Maza, Tang, Mega’s Fields and Zara.

Our aim and ultimate goal is to Advance Australia Fair.

We care and actively contribute to the Multicultural communities in which we operate.

We believe in truth, trust and team work. Promote a creative environment, where people have the opportunity to grow and work with passion.

We set new benchmarks for industry to Leap Ahead, and delivering superior value to our consumers

We delight our consumers by offering premium quality food products by reaching out to them wherever they are in Australia to meet their needs.

Mission and Vision

To provide excellence of continental food, premium quality, great taste, and innovative products to the multicultural Australia.

We are determined to be the leading provider of growing food categories through innovative, healthy, quality food products for the ultimate delight of our Australian consumers.

Our ambition for Mega International Foods Aust Pty Ltd is to be recognized as the Australia’s trusted leader in taste and quality. We have produced strong results in the past and will continue to drive our efforts to achieve higher level of performance

Our competitive advantages are our unmatched Services, taste, Distribution ship of World’s Leading brands in Australian market, values, work culture and employees, who have played a pivotal role in turning our vision and mission into a reality.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, our Organizational culture and values remain our single most important competitive advantage. Long term thinking, integrity, mutual respect, openness to diversity, passion for quality and delighting consumers remains at the core of our Company culture.